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hwdVideoShare Featured Videos Module

This hwdVideoShare Featured Video module is an Extension specific module, to work this it requires the hwdvideoshare component.

hwdVideoShare provides the Featured Video module but that display only Featured video thumbnails. While clicking on that thumbnail only the video will open and will play.

But my hwdVideoShare Featured Video Module is for displaying the featured videos in a video player based on the module parameter which is specified in the Module Parameters. By default it will display only one Featured Video.

Note: This module will work with Joomla1.7 but the latest hwdVideoShare Nighty Builds only. See for more details: http://hwdmediashare.co.uk/news/392-joomla-17-compatibility

You can download the zip from here


madhuri said...

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Barcef said...

Does it work with !J1.7?

Nandan said...

Hi Barcef,

when I was developed this module the hwdVideoShare support up to Joomla1.5 only. Seems now they developed hwdVideoShare for J1.6 & J1.7 also.

But my version will work with only J1.5 only. I will try to develop a module which support J1.6 & J1.7 soon.

Nandan said...

Hello Barcef,

Now this module will work with Joomla1.7 also. But the hwdVideoShare Nighty Builds versions only.

simon said...

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Ezbon Sajan Jacob said...

how can i layout the videos horizontally?

Barcef said...

It won't install in J2.5 even though the JED says it's 2.5 compatible. How do you do it?

Nanda Kishore said...

Hello Barcef, What is the issue when you trying to installing on the J2.5 ?

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